coming projects

»Blindenhundeschule Allschwil« (2019)
Training Assistenzhund | in conception

current projects

»About Cultural Diversity« (2019/2020)
In conception

»Perspektivenwechsel« (2019/2020)
A participatory film project with field experts on the topic of social change, poverty and homelessness

»Dance and Transgression« (2019)
An experimental movie about a performance in progress of an inclusive dance group and the symbolic of stairs with the grande finale at the stairs of the Kunsthalle Basel and the Swiss Architecture Museum S AM (Live on May 25. and June 1. 2019)

completed projects

»Tamalpa Germany« (2018/2019)
A documentation about the German school of Tamalpa teaching the dance methods of Anna and Daria Halprin – World Premiere 28th September 2019 at the Kommunales Kino Freiburg, Germany

»About Cultural Diversity - The Albi Cafe« (2018/2019)
A documentary about a three day ethnographic journey through Tel Aviv - a movie pilot

»Wildwuchs« (2018/2019)
Teaser and cinema advertising about the biennale theater festival in Basel

»Blue earth – the 4 elements and dance« (2018/2019)
An experimental movie with dancers of Tamalpa dancing a tribute to nature – World Premiere 28th September 2019 at the Kommunales Kino Freiburg, Germany

»Blue earth – the 4 elements and dance« (2018)
Movie Teaser

»Klein gewachsen – Wirtin Olga Jutzeler trotzt ihrem Schicksal« (2018):
A portrait about a 81 year old woman, who is 1.32 high and still manages a
restaurant in the middle of Switzerland – A broadcast for »Reporter« of the Swiss radio and tv (SRF) |

AIRDATES: SRF 1: 7. APRIL 2019, 22:25 | 3sat: Di. 04.06.19, 23.55 Uhr / Mi. 05.06.19, 12.20 Uhr / Do. 06.06.19, 03.05 Uhr | Online: (

»Sensability« (2018):
A documentation of an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the issues of inclusion

»Taking Care With Chairs« (2017)
A documentation about a street-art-city-freedom-performance in Basel

»Herbst« (2017)
One possible answer for the imbalance in a natural colorful world

»Jesses Bar« (2011)
A portrait about a bar keeper

»Vom Heuschlitten zum Ferrari« (2010)
A journey through the ethnographic film in Switzerland. A collage for the 550
years anniversary exhibition of the University of Basel

»Plattfon Record Store« (2010)
A portrait about a little vinyl record store in Basel in the digital age

»Die Kraft von Feuer und Wasser« (2010)
A collage about moving images in Swiss amateur films from the 20th century

»Fantasy Bar« (2009)
A short-documentary about the start of the smoking ban by comparing the handling
of it in two cities – Basel and Berlin