Currently in conception: »About Cultural Diversity«

Currently in conception: Participatory documentation about homelessness | (camera, direction, editing | mp)

Currently in production: Experimental movie about dance, stairs and transgression | (camera, direction, editing |mp)


Currently in post-production: Documentation about »Tamalpa Germany - Life/Art Process« | (camera, direction, editing | mp)

Currently in post-production: Documentation »About Cultural Diversity - The Albi Cafe. A three-day ethnographic journey through Tel Aviv« | (camera, direction, editing| mp)

Cinema advertising and Teaser for the theater festival »Wildwuchs« (conception, camera, direction, editing | mm/mp)

Swiss radio and tv (SRF) - Coproduction »Klein gewachsen – Wirtin Olga Jutzeler trotzt ihrem Schicksal« with the broadcast »Reporter«| (cooperation, editing | mp) |WATCH Online: (https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/sendung/reporter?id=18477e06-560d-4305-85f0-fd397d43ad1c)

»Blue Earth« - Teaser for the movie (camera, editing | mp)

»Blue Earth« is an experimental documentation about an art process in the nature | (camera, editing| mp)

»Sensability« - A spot about the abilities of handicapped people | (conception, camera, direction, editing | mm/mp) | (3’36)


»Taking Care With Chairs« - City- / peace performance with former dance students of Anna Halprin
(known from the movie »Breath Made Visible« (2009) | (camera, direction, editing| mp) | (6'44)

Trailer »Klein gewachsen« (Teaser for the SRF-coproduction with the broadcast »Reporter« | (direction, editing| mp) | (3'05)


»Herbst« (camera, direction, editing| mp) | (1'33)


»Jesses Bar - Ein Portrait über einen Barkeeper« (camera, direction, editing| mp) | (8'24)


»Vom Heuschlitten zum Ferrari. Eine Zeitreise durch den ethnografischen Film in der Schweiz« (exhibition movie »550 Jahre Universität Basel« / editing| mp) | (26'30)

»Plattfon Record Store - Portrait über einen Plattenladen im Jahr 2010« | (camera, direction, editing| mp) | (6'58)

»Die Kraft von Feuer und Wasser - Bewegende Bilder im Schweizer Amateurfilm aus dem 20. Jahrhundert« (for the University of Basel / editing| mp) | (21'28)


»Fantasy Bar? Kompromisse wird es immer geben. Basel und Berlin als Exemplarstädte« | (Bachelor thesis / camera, direction, editing| mp) | (23')