Under the synonym of equivalent, Maria Müller and Martina Pan have joined their forces regarding their inspiration and excitement for visual anthropology i.e. ethnographic film. Diversity and plurality are at the center of their work; they see the moving picture as a means of sustainable enlightenment throughout society.

With their projects they want to shape and drive the social change constitutively.
Their vision of an inclusive society is their daily challenge and they work for that.


Martina Pan (1985) was born in Sissach, Basel-Land, as the older of two children. She is married and mother of two children.

After graduating high school in Liestal she did several internships in different cultural institutions that led her to study cultural anthropology and mass media studies at the University of Basel and Humboldt University (Berlin). Within her studies, she focused on social change, urban development, visual anthropology and film studies, cultural diversity, media aesthetics and communication.

She was part of kult.kino AG Basel (2006-2011), a time that retrospectively shaped her present work regarding film crucially. Her subsequent function at TagesWoche (2011-2014) as head of marketing and co-responsible for communication and media partnership – and part of the executive board – led her to found her own filmproduction company in 2015 »equivalent«. Within her work quality and profundity belong to her strategical methods.

Inclusion and participation were also at the core of her doing as program manager of manifold cultural organizations and events (e.g. SUD Warteck Basel and many festivals and concerts in Basel and Berlin).

Among others, she has been working with the University of Basel and the Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) and award winners Reto Caduff and Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf.


Maria Müller (1975) was born in Bavaria as the second oldest child out of four. She graduated in communication design with the emphasis on branding, interactivity and moving picture at the HTWG Konstanz (University of Applied Sciences, FH).

Her work for a regional television broadcast company (Telebasel) took her to Switzerland where she was responsible for the sport productions and the overall visual presence of the station.

Afterwards Maria was working as an art director for notable agencies and clients such as Swiss Post, Alpiq, UBS and Allianz24. As before, her emphasis was on the moving picture as a medium of communication.

The participation of people with disabilities and an inclusive society are at the core of her heart.